5 Great Fitness Gadgets in 2016

Posted in Fitness By DELICIA

With all the talk of Lap Band weight loss and super diet pills, it seems that many are overlooking the role technology can play in weight loss (See more articles about best diets to lose weight fast).

The mobile revolution is regarded as a revolution for a reason: people love gadgets making their lives easier. And if certain handheld devices can also help a person to lose weight and get in shape, all the better. So with that in mind, here are some cutting edge fitness gadgets that either work with mobile technology, or can be used on the go.


Bose SI2I headphones


$149 is a hefty price tag for sport headphones. However, these ear buds accomplish all three things they set out to achieve. Namely, they are sweat and water resistant, they stay in place during even the most strenuous of workouts, and they provide the crispiest of crisp audio. This item makes a great accessory during a regular gym routine, such as those on offer at Fitness19.com.

Fitbit Aria Smart Scale


The good folks at Fitbit made it clear they weren’t a one-trick pony when they released a whole line of various tracking gadgets under their banner. Now they’re continuing to expand their fitness horizons with the Aria Smart Scale. On the surface it may look like a typical bathroom scale, but the simple appearance belies one key feature: wireless connectivity. Yes, Fitbit’s scale not only displays weight, but tracks fitness progress and BMI percentage over time, uploading the data right to a free iPhone app. And of course the scale can be paired with one of Fitbit’s myriad activity trackers.

Nike Fuelband


Looking for a newer alternative to all those aforementioned Fitbit products? Nike Fuelband is one solid option. While it comes in wristband form and offers the obligatory step counter (100,000 a day should keep a person fit and trim), it also has a social element: the Fuelband allows the user to upload and share exercise progress with friends. It’s compatible with both iPhone and Android, and it even tells time. (How very last century.)

Polar Rcx3


Fitness trackers are all well and good, but let’s be honest: they’re geared towards everyday folks just looking to shed a few pounds. Those who take their jogging and running seriously will want a more serious accessory. Enter the Rcx3 by Polar. It’s a GPS watch that tracks route, speed, heart rate and distance, and then it uploads this data to Polar’s Personal Trainer website. It even allows others to give feedback based on the user’s fitness data.

Adidas miCoach


Another dedicated sport watch to compete with the Rcx3, this one comes with all the standard features including a touchscreen and heart rate sensor. What sets it apart is that the miCoach offers a virtual trainer to help users keep up with their fitness goals. It even comes with a 4GB MP3 player.

These are just a few gadgets to consider for those interested in technological assistance for weight loss. And with the holidays among us, these items make for excellent gifts as well.