5 Toxic Causes of Bleeding Gums

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Bleeding gums might be a sign if a major condition or it could be nothing. It all depends on what the cause is. Unfortunately, some people think that whenever your gums bleed, you should stop brushing or flossing. This is not true at all.

If your gums bleed when you brush normally, keep brushing for the next few days and see if it’ll abate. It should if there’s no serious cause for it. But if it doesn’t, then you know that there’s a bigger issue at play and you need to see a dentist immediately.

The following are some of the more toxic causes of bleeding gums. Please note that this excludes the common causes such as neglecting your oral hygiene and not brushing frequently. This is for the serious stuff.


A vitamin deficiency –usually a deficiency in vitamin c and k- often causes a condition called scurvy. This usually doesn’t happen if you haven’t had any vitamin c in a short time. It takes at least three months of keeping away from fruits to develop this.


It was pretty common among sailors before smart ship captains started loading fruits along with their supplies on their trips. That said, scurvy is pretty nonexistent nowadays, particularly in developed countries as the foods and fruits often contain these vitamins.

But, if you have a strong aversion for fruits and vegetables and aren’t taking any vitamin c supplements, you should see a dentist if you start bleeding during your brushing sessions.

Bacterial Infections

There are a myriad of bacterial infections that cause bleeding gums. Bacterial infections are actually more common in the mouth because the mouth has its own natural bacteria. These bacteria are responsible for the breakdown of sugar and excess acidity in the mouth.

They are also the reason why you have bad breath and tend to worsen tooth decay. Sadly, most people won’t know they have oral bacterial infections until they start bleeding and a visit to the dentist confirms it.

That said, if you practice good oral hygiene and still notice an uncharacteristic bad breath, followed by periodic bleeding when you suck on your teeth or brush, you just might have a bacterial infection. Read more information about bacterial infection treatments.

Periodontal Disease

Gum disease is no doubt the number one cause of bleeding gums. In fact, it is often the first symptom before anything else. For those who don’t know, gum disease is usually caused by a chronic infection resulting in the inflammation of the gum line, jaws, and any supporting tissues connecting your gum and teeth.

When ignored, it’ll result in severe pain, loose and fallen teeth as well as bad breath. Once you notice that your gums are bleeding accompanied by consistent throbbing pains, you should go see your dentist who will properly diagnose your condition and recommend the appropriate treatment.

Periodontal Disease

Bad Brushing Techniques

Brushing shouldn’t be done too vigorously. It’s not like all the force and pressure applied will necessarily make your teeth whiter. Brushing too vigorously is very likely to result in you bruising your gums and causing some bleeding.

Left uncared for however, a bruised gum can soon become infected resulting in inflammation and prolonged bleeding. If you notice that your bleeding gums were triggered by hard brushing techniques, do the smart thing and have it look at.

Brushing Technique

Poorly Fitted Dentures

When dentures are fitted too tightly, it is possible to experience bleeding in the gums because of the force and pressure on the gums and teeth.

So, try and think back to when the bleeding staretd. If it did shortly after you had your dentures fixed, chances are the dentures are injuring your gums. For situations like this, the best bet is to have your dentures looked at by a reputable dentist, like Dr. Johnson, and changed to one that fits your teeth properly.

Fitted Dentures

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