Understanding Acupuncture

Posted in Health By DELICIA

The basic principles of acupuncture center around the belief that our body is interconnected, meaning that all parts of the body affect every other part. When there is any type of imbalance within the biological system of our bodies it is the beginning of illness. When the body has an inner disease or is not in balance the body has different symptoms. When these symptoms are not addressed it can lead to a variety of other illnesses which can be serious, acute or chronic.


Within our body there are 14 meridians which are nothing more than energy channels. The energy known as chi travels along these channels to every part of our body including our major organs and cells. The chi is the essential force that makes us live. To stay healthy, we need balance as well as uninterrupted flow of energy through our bodies.

It is believed that energy can be blocked which will bring about pain or illness. The various acupuncture points that are found along the channels are like a gate in which the energy passes through. At times, energy can become trapped at these points, making the energy flow less or in some cases stops the energy completely. This is the onset of illness and pain.

Acupuncture is the science or art of inserting thin needles into these areas that have become clogged to open the gate so the energy can flow once again. As the energy begins to flow properly, the body will be able to regulate the correct flow of energy once again while repairing the issues and improving health.


Recent research has shown that acupuncture actually stimulates the central nervous system. What this allows the nervous system to do is release the natural chemicals that change biological processes, pain, and other systems in the body. The World Health Organization released their review and analysis in 2003 of their clinical trials that centered on acupuncture. The published report showed that acupuncture affects the body in different ways including stimulating the transmission of electromagnetic signals that may release chemicals that aid in killing cells or may discharge immune system cells, activates the opioid system which may help reducing pain or aid in sleeping, stimulate the pituitary and hypothalamus gland, and change the secretion of neurohormones and neurotransmitters that can influence the chemistry of the brain in a positive manner.

Today, many physicians are accepting acupuncture as new ways to help some patients that suffer from various illnesses and pain. Acupuncture is performed using different acupuncture supplies which will be explained so you know to what to expect instead of worrying about the procedure or the different tools and equipment that will be used to carry out your treatment.